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Italian style find out more

This is a modern form of the most widespread style among the general public. Luckily for fans of this style, it is represented by a multitude of brands, such as BoConcept / Decoland, Stockist and Punto design among others. Its basic elements are oak flooring and interior design in shades ranging from white to beige to chocolate. Colourful combinations are not, however, unusual for this style, though temperance is recommended. The furniture also compliments the colour scheme of the furniture, which is very simple in shape, but very practical. For this style the most significant is the degree of design versus utility, because the seats and all the furniture are very comfortable. If you desire any piece of furniture in this style, don’ t hesitate to make for BoConcept, where you will find a wide assortment of everything from armchairs and chairs to ornaments.

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